Modern Library

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Digital building instructions

All Lego modulars and all of our modulars so far show historical buildings. This time we decided to create something totally different and show you how modern architecture in minifig scale can look. Of course our building is technically build as a classic modular.

Our first modern building is LIBRARY.

Front walls are mostly glass from their bottom to the top. They are completed with shutters and ivy and formed in a best way to show the corner shaft of the lift. The whole building is covered by the steel metal roof hemming.

The building consists of two levels only - the ground floor and the 1st floor. In the inside of the library we can find lots of bookshelves, a reading room, a customer service and a toilet. A minifig can go to the first floor by the lift which works automaticallly and is based on a power function set (comprised of typical motor and battery box only). When the lift reaches the top or the bottom of the building it turns off automatically.

The whole modular consists of 2734 pieces so it's only a little bit bigger than the official Lego sets.



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